Requirements For Gambling Establishments In Croatia

playing_slots_gamblingToday, casinos and gaming clubs are welcoming the visitors in both Zagreb, the capital, and at virtually any resort, while Istria is one of the most highly-concentrated gambling areas. Most casinos are located in hotel complexes, so a gambling fan will not have to puzzle over searching for the desired relaxation center. One of the biggest establishments is Club Casino Vega in Zagreb: apart from a wide selection of games, you can find other things to do on the spot. However, even at resorts in hot weather it is not recommended to wear beach dresses. Most casinos have a relatively moderate dress code, which is not surprising, taking into account the passion for fashionable clothes and the fact that Croatia gave the world the tie in its current form.

Equipment, financial and general requirements

In local gambling houses traditional casino games and gaming machines are allowed only. A gambling institution can be opened in the presence of a proper license and the license agreement, meeting special requirements. Every casino should have a guarantee fund in the amount of not less than 30% of the share capital, located in the Croatian Bank for a term of not less than 30 days beyond the validity of the license. The fund is used for the payment of prizes and fees.

Apart from tough licensing, the casino is required to have a daily deposit of 50 thousand EUR and 150,000kn. (€1 equals about 7.5kn.). The fund is created to guarantee that the situations of lack of money in the till are excluded. The area for a permanent casino must be not less than 400 square meters, while a seasonal enterprise can be accommodated at no less than 300 square meters . As for equipment demands, an establishment should have at least 7 gaming tables.

A gambling house should have a share capital of no less than 4 million kn.; 500 thousand kn. is an annual fee paid by the business plus an additional sum of 200 thousand as a guarantee of the Croatian Bank. Opening a club with slots has more modest requirements: the share capital of 2 million kn., the monthly fee of 10 thousand and machines with warranty of 300,000 kn. are the main requirements. However, if there are more than 30 machines the size of the guarantee would be higher and calculated individually. Regardless of the status, the managing company must be registered in Croatia and pass concession procedure. According gaming research that you can see on, the company involved gathering reviews and statistics, the overall tendency of brick and mortar gambling growth is estimated as moderate.

All the gaming facilities as well as cash inputs and outputs should be under video surveillance. In the frame should be all the tables and machines, dealers and players, the winning numbers and other important details.

The entrance to the casino is allowed from 18 years on condition of identity verification. The entry is restricted for those wearing uniforms or carrying technical tools that can improve the chances of the player. Casino may also limit a visit for some categories of people (for example, if a person is seriously impairs his or even someone’s financial situation).

Current legislation provides a stable development of a civilized market of gambling. Despite all the difficulties, the Croatian authorities do not let things drift, and grinding away to find a balance between the interests of business, government and society.