How big is gambling business in Europe

Online and offline casinos are in full bloom when it comes to Europe. It is very important that the laws and rules of the gambling are understood before starting the business in Europe. To avoid any shady casinos, it is best to choose from a list of vetted casinos at such websites as Svenskkasinon casino rating. It has a list of many trusted casinos in Sweden and Europe. European gambling market is one of the largest and safest in the world. The casinos here are protected by highly secure and advance software measures. For the past 12 months, the business has seen the highest upward growth. The revenues skyrocketed by 80% as compared to the last term which is simply awesome. The most important parts of the gambling have been casinos and the sports betting. For the past 12 months, the casinos have earned 1.7 billion Euros in revenue. The sports betting, on the other hand, have earned over 1.2 billion Euros in revenue. In 2017 – 18 the gambling has seen a steady growth of 19% in total. The new markets such as the Czech Republic have regulated their gambling businesses and it has also contributed to the overall revenue generation.

Country wise growth

Most of the countries in Europe have seen a rise in the gambling business. The UK based market has increased by 16.9%. Denmark had a staggering growth of 38.2%. Spain and Denmark also had mind-boggling growth of 43% and 31.9% respectively. The largest portion of revenue generated was by the UK. A total of 5.4 billion euros was generated by the country’s gambling industry. The Nordics generated about 1.5 billion which is not even close to the UK. Germany is the third largest market in the region and generated a total of 1.1 billion euros. The stats show that the market still has potential and more companies will enter the scene in coming years. Among all the countries the UK leads the Europe gambling market both in terms of revenue generation, total winnings and number of players.

Game wise growth

It is important to note that the casinos were the largest player in the European market for the past 12 months. The recorded growth is about 21.4% in total and it generated about 1.7 billion euros in total. The sports betting is the second largest and has a revenue jump of 1.5 billion euros. Poker takes the third place. It generated a revenue of 171 million euros.

Mobile gambling

The mobile gambling platforms are growing slowly but steadily. The forecast and the white papers written in this regard suggest that the number of mobile gambling players will increase to 55% by 2020. The sports betting will see the increase of 60% of the total revenue that is being generated by this medium. It is expected that an increased 36% of the total gambling revenue will be generated in 2019. The mobile gambling will make sure that the overall scenario is changed with the passage of time. It is one of the best and convenient options because mobile online casinos can be accessed from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone.

EGBA response to Norway’s payment block proposal

The Norwegian laws about the gambling are very strict and there are only 2 companies that are allowed to provide the services to the citizens. The payment gateways, as well as the overall management of the games which are played online, are also strictly monitored. It is very important to note that despite the pressure from different gambling associations from around the world the country is no ready to provide any leniency to such companies and the rules are being tightened further. The country is after the rules, laws, and regulations which govern the gambling policy. If there is any flaw in the regulations then they are completely banned. For instance, in 2007 the Norwegian government banned the slot machines. It is because they were of the view that these machines are poorly regulated and defy the AML or Anti Money Laundering Laws. As a result despite a very healthy shift in the overall revenue generation the slot machines were banned and replaced by video terminals in July 2007.

Till now there were many gaming websites not of Norwegian descent which were operating the country. In a recent move, the Norwegian government has banned all the payments to and from the websites which are foreign in nature. It is because of the fact that the overall management of such websites is not the easy task. Once again the Norwegian government is of the view that the money could be laundered with such websites as they don’t come under the blanket of Norwegian law. The European Gambling and Betting Association ( have urged the country once again to make sure that the laws and rules are formulated. Banning the websites is not the solution at all. The association is also of the view that new and the most advanced measures should be implemented to avoid illegal happenings from the country.

The association is also of the view that they are fully supportive of Norway to make sure that the best systems are implemented to make online betting safer for the users. The borderless nature of the internet is something which is very important and Norway should not block the ease of access which is associated with the internet. The appropriate way to make sure that the regulations are implemented it is very important that the websites continue to perform the business activities in the country. With such bans and outrageous decisions, it is not possible to overcome the problems related to the gambling.

The internet activity controlling is the need of the hour but it is a sort of dictatorship that the websites are banned. According to the sources of EGBA, the association will take every measure to live the ban as soon as possible. It will also ensure that the best outcome is generated and the country is forced to uplift the law instead of banning the websites. Payment blocking is a very noneffective and unprofessional step which has been taken by the Norwegian government and this needs to be reviewed immediately. The concerns of EGBA are on the rise since the banning of slot machines in the country back in 2007.

The Effect of Europe’s New Gambling Rules on Bitcoin

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have surely noticed the regulations, new tax plans, and crackdowns that are happening across Europe. This is not just happening in Europe alone; rather it is also taking a minor storm up in Australia. When you talk about gambling, you cannot leave out Bitcoin and its use in this field. So, when the regulations come in this field of gambling, surely it is anticipated that the Bitcoins might also face some changes.

Across Europe, many countries are coming up with new regulations and restrictions for protecting the players. However, those casinos, which are using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, shall find its fame on the high.

The Countries with the New Gaming Regulations

There are a few countries currently, like Poland, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic where there are fresh regulations coming up in the gaming circuit.

The reason for these countries to restructure the laws of gaming has been the presence of many casinos, which were running their business illegally in these countries. The laws in these three countries for gambling are for the betterment of the society from excessive gambling, and they have successfully implemented them. The rule says the operators must have a license as approved by the local gambling operators and their laws are making the business even tougher to grow.

Poland has tactfully increased taxes, and that has been marked at a massive 12 % of the total stake. It means that betting industries are facing the heat of paying higher taxes off their revenues and many popular casinos such as Bet365, 888 casinos have left Poland after this new tax scheme.

The Polish Government has banned unregulated operator domains and taken off the list. However, this will have as the little impact on the unregulated flow of Bitcoins, but this is a welcome move, considering where Bitcoins are used for deposits.

The Czech Republic to follow the higher tax pattern and charges perhaps, the most is entire Europe. A whopping 35 % of the total revenue and 19 % of the corporate tax is imposed every time. Thus, many betting casinos and operators have moved out of this country as well, where the major share of profits flows away as taxes.

The government of both these countries is ensuring in maximizing the security from unregulated casinos. Numerous IP addresses of these casinos have been blocked, and various banks have been instructed to stop accepting any sorts of monetary payments from these operators.

How will Bitcoin be affected?

The entire re-shuffle of gambling regulations all across Europe has given a huge blow to the sector in whole, while some operators are still finding ways to exist. With the help of Bitcoin, it’s completely unnamed to any third party government regulations to track a person.

In a nutshell, Bitcoins have risen up more in value, only to be a way of being an anonymous and un-traceable valuation for any determined gambler.

Online Casinos Shown The Door In Poland While Big Casinos Are Already Out

Poland government has of late started a great campaign of putting a stop to major online casinos from offering games to the players. This has come a year after the new tax scheme that was launched last year, which was part of making several reforms in the gambling circuit.

This crackdown has already pushed major online casino names like Bet365 and other such firms to contemplate leaving. The changes that the Polish government had aimed at bringing in gambling scenario has taken a big turn now especially when it began putting its foot down on letting the operators offer online casino games.

The Changes brought forward in Gambling regulations

The Polish government has laid a set of new rules and regulations ( that have put the online casinos and operators in a fix. Top casinos like Bet365, Mr. Green Casino, and Betfair have already left the country. More are likely to follow soon due to the government’s strict regulations.

The government has claimed that many of these casino operators as illegal thereby, there is no certainty that they would be able to function much after that.

The government is now very particular about the casinos which have Polish license and those who do not have fall under its “Blacklist” category. Currently, there are hordes of the online operators, 970 to be precise, who fall under this category and this is indeed a scare for all the operators. The internet service providers will be taking action soon on these operators, failing which, they would be fined heavily, an amount of $64,500! With such a condition prevailing, it is only logical for the operators to do some really quick thinking.

The Uncertain future and its overall impact

Poland has woken up to the fact that since the middle of the last decade, the number of pokies has increased and more so online. This kind of crackdown that the Polish government has taken now is not just a decision taken overnight. The government has kept a tab for the past few years on illegal gambling. A staggering number of players had participated, and around 17,700 had even won over $8 million in these events. This just triggered a set of events and urged the government to ensure there were no more of such illegal hubs online that encouraged such gambling. In spite of several laws and attempts at setting down laws and passing of bills, this problem continued to exist.

But then, the government soon enough took drastic steps and introduced new regulations. One such regulation was to ensure that the servers must be of Poland, and the next was to ensure that the transaction happened through Polish banks offering a 12% tax too. So, such steps were already there for some time and additionally with this last crackdown of the online casinos the Poland government has just made itself very clear. Now, it plainly implies on establishing only Poland-licensed casinos around for better management.

Requirements For Gambling Establishments In Croatia

playing_slots_gamblingToday, casinos and gaming clubs are welcoming the visitors in both Zagreb, the capital, and at virtually any resort, while Istria is one of the most highly-concentrated gambling areas. Most casinos are located in hotel complexes, so a gambling fan will not have to puzzle over searching for the desired relaxation center. One of the biggest establishments is Club Casino Vega in Zagreb: apart from a wide selection of games, you can find other things to do on the spot. However, even at resorts in hot weather it is not recommended to wear beach dresses. Most casinos have a relatively moderate dress code, which is not surprising, taking into account the passion for fashionable clothes and the fact that Croatia gave the world the tie in its current form.

Equipment, financial and general requirements

In local gambling houses traditional casino games and gaming machines are allowed only. A gambling institution can be opened in the presence of a proper license and the license agreement, meeting special requirements. Every casino should have a guarantee fund in the amount of not less than 30% of the share capital, located in the Croatian Bank for a term of not less than 30 days beyond the validity of the license. The fund is used for the payment of prizes and fees.

Apart from tough licensing, the casino is required to have a daily deposit of 50 thousand EUR and 150,000kn. (€1 equals about 7.5kn.). The fund is created to guarantee that the situations of lack of money in the till are excluded. The area for a permanent casino must be not less than 400 square meters, while a seasonal enterprise can be accommodated at no less than 300 square meters . As for equipment demands, an establishment should have at least 7 gaming tables.

A gambling house should have a share capital of no less than 4 million kn.; 500 thousand kn. is an annual fee paid by the business plus an additional sum of 200 thousand as a guarantee of the Croatian Bank. Opening a club with slots has more modest requirements: the share capital of 2 million kn., the monthly fee of 10 thousand and machines with warranty of 300,000 kn. are the main requirements. However, if there are more than 30 machines the size of the guarantee would be higher and calculated individually. Regardless of the status, the managing company must be registered in Croatia and pass concession procedure. According gaming research that you can see on, the company involved gathering reviews and statistics, the overall tendency of brick and mortar gambling growth is estimated as moderate.

All the gaming facilities as well as cash inputs and outputs should be under video surveillance. In the frame should be all the tables and machines, dealers and players, the winning numbers and other important details.

The entrance to the casino is allowed from 18 years on condition of identity verification. The entry is restricted for those wearing uniforms or carrying technical tools that can improve the chances of the player. Casino may also limit a visit for some categories of people (for example, if a person is seriously impairs his or even someone’s financial situation).

Current legislation provides a stable development of a civilized market of gambling. Despite all the difficulties, the Croatian authorities do not let things drift, and grinding away to find a balance between the interests of business, government and society.